Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coffee Pods?

My parents made an investment last year in one of those new coffee makers that make one cup at a time. Now being a coffee purest, I was pretty against the idea but complied for the sheer reason I got their old coffee pot (you know, a normal one).
But over the last year the contraption has really grown on me.
For those people who like their coffee quick and strong this type of coffee maker is for you.
There are also a variety of different flavors to choose from. (And even some non-coffee options like tea and hot chocolate, but clearly this isn't the platform discuss such things.)
The real draw back of the machine is the price of the pods, costing anywhere from $1 to $4 a CUP!!
That's too rich for my blood. So I guess it will just be something I enjoy when I visit my parents.

But for those who can afford the convenience and coffee strength, check it out:


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