Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ten things Coffee Can Cure

Roasted coffee beans, the world's primary sour...Image via Wikipedia
  I love coffee. But beyond my deep need for a cup of java, I believe coffee can cure some ailments.  

"If you are the kind staying away from doctors even when ill for fear of swallowing bitter pills, here is something hot: they might just start offering you a steaming cup of coffee instead."

"Did you know that two to four cups of fresh coffee every day can bring down the incidence of colon cancer by 25 per cent and Parkinson’s disease by 50 to 80 percent? Or that it can help reduce an asthma attack if you cannot get medication immediately? These are some of the results of studies done by Mayo Clinic, Harvard School of Public Health and Institute for Coffee Studies in Vanderbilt.
The Coffee Board of India is now planning a seminar. Domestic consumption is seen as a growth driver for the survival of the industry, which has been hit in export markets by global oversupply."

Here are links to what coffee can cure. Go ahead, try one. 

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Coffee Shop Review: Donkey (Athens, Ohio)

It's Halloween weekend, and I am in Athens, Ohio to spend the weekend with one of my oldest and dearest friends. So I thought - well, why not blog about a delightful little coffee shop down south? This way you will have a couple coffee shops across the state to visit, if you so desire.

The very first time I went to visit my friend at Ohio University, she told me she had been dying to take me to a place called Donkey. I had no idea what this was going to entail, but since she was so excited I was, too.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coffee Makes Great Art

By this time, you all know we really like coffee.
Beyond what we put in our mugs, coffee can be great medium for art.

Many artists use it instead of paint. Check out these Coffee Creations.


Or some make it in the mug.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Make-at-Home Irish Coffee

Our make-at-home posts have been all about rescuing you from those mid-week doldrums. We didn't want to stop now. Although, while our first make-at-home was comforting (pumpkin spice lattes) and the second was all about a burst of energy (chocolate-covered coffee beans), we thought we'd kick it up another notch. So to cure this week's case of the blahs why not try some Irish coffee?

We found the steps online here, and they even organized it into a nice little picture slide show which we loved. So let's get started!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Coffee in BG?

This past weekend was parents' weekend, and my parents and I hit up Kermit's on South Main Street for breakfast Sunday morning. We love Kermit's - they have great food and great service - but here are two things we forgot about Kermit's . . .

1.They're cash only.
2. Their advertised 'best coffee in BG' is not, in our opinion, the best cup of joe in town.

My dad remedied the first problem by running next door to the ATM, but the second problem was one we could not avoid - because we had already ordered coffee before I remembered this and also because we were craving that morning kick to get us going.

My dad and I agreed it isn't the best cup of coffee in Bowling Green, and we also agreed on where that cup of coffee can be found - Grounds for Thought, the one place my dad wanted to go to, and one of the places we didn't get to.

Grounds for Thought (located on South Main Street as well) is a coffee shop and roasts their own beans, too. (Are you noticing a trend in my favorite coffee shops?) My dad and I not only love their coffee, but we also love that Grounds doubles as a used bookstore (there are few things my dad loves more than coffee and used books - by a few, I mean probably just my mom, my sister and I).

The atmosphere is everything you would want from a college town coffee shop - it's medium-sized, cozy, with records and books everywhere. It's the perfect study place, and one of my personal favorites.

I love their hot chocolates, I love their specialty lattes, I love their doughnuts and I have recently discovered I love their sandwiches - yep, they serve lunch, too. Oh, and did I mention the ice cream?

If you ever find yourself in Bowling Green, this is a must-visit. I promise you won't leave disappointed.

-- Alissa

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Coffee Stains

stan, stains, dirtImage via Wikipedia
I spill coffee in my bed.
I won’t lie about it. I like to read in bed in the morning and need that cup of coffee with me.
Occasionally, I’ll just sit the cup on the mattress and well you can only guess what happens next.
But it’s not just in my bed, it’s on my clothes, on other people's clothes and of course, “The Great Coffee Spill of 2009” when I tripped over my roommate's exercise ball and threw coffee across our room.
Needless to say, I’ve become a pro at getting coffee stains out of fabric.
So for all you clumsy coffee drinkers out there, her ya go.

My three rules of getting out a coffee stains:
1. Never Wipe! Always dab or blott, so you don’t scrub the coffee into the fabric.
2. Hot water first! If the stain is fresh enough it might even come right out with a little hot water.
3. Don’t panic. You'll just spill more coffee.

Before tackling a stain, take a minute to read the label (on the fabric, not the coffee). See if there is any specific attention you should direct toward your fabric.
I only know this because I ruined a T-shirt due to a coffee stain and a bad removal process.
For most coffee stains on fabric like clothing, furniture, SHEETS and carpet, you want to start with a paper towel, dabbing the stain to remove as much of the liquid as possible. Then, in a bowl, mix one-part white vinegar and two-parts warm water. Use a paper towel, blotting the stain with mixture.
Then if possible, throw it in the washing machine.
If that still doesn’t work, try the dry cleaner; they saved a brides maid dress for me three summers ago.
But if all else fails, you have to embrace the stain. Cover it up with a sweater or look at it lovingly remembering that great cup of coffee you were drinking.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bad Coffee

As the Stovetop Baristas, we are always looking for the best cup of coffee. And while we know where all the hot places are, sometimes the need for caffeine forces you to make some epic coffee mistakes.
At times I find myself with the desperate need for coffee in the worst places. Now, I don’t want to sounds like a coffee snob but there are some places out there with awful coffee.
So I thought it might be nice to the take the usual places for quick coffee fixes and help you make the choice a little better.

McDonalds: B-
Good enough to choke down but a bit shallow in flavor.

Burger King: C+
The flavors not bad but pretty weak. 

Tim Horton: C-
Their coffee is so strong that it burns, even when it’s not that hot.

Arby’s: D-
Not even close to good. If you’re just looking for a hot drink, flavors not a factor, then it’s perfect for you.

Wendy’s: C-
This is coffee made for the masses. Like drinking brown water … but it’s only 50 cents.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Coffee Cup Art

You know how much we love design. And clearly, you know how much we love coffee (hopefully). So it should be pretty obvious why we thought this to-go coffee cup was adorable and something we want to have. We can't resist combining good design and good coffee, it makes every day better (even Mondays).

I went to visit my little sister at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA for a couple of days over fall break and that's where I found this adorable to-go cup in her dining hall. It was a good thing she suggested I grab some coffee before I left to head home, and a good thing that I thought to listen to her for once. When I got home though and went to take a picture of the cup, I discovered it didn't just have one quote on it . . .

What an adorable and refreshing way to start your day! Ever since I made the drive from Erie back to Akron, I've been thinking about how I can get them in my day-to-day life . . .

I'm thinking about seeing if Bowling Green could switch to these pick-me-up cups in their dining halls - I would definitely stop to get coffee on campus if they came in those. Or perhaps I'll just purchase them for me and my roommates to keep in our cupboards. I would almost wake up early to make them all coffee and put them in these cups . . . almost.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Make-at-Home Cappuccinos

Continuing in our make-at-home series, this week we tackled cappuccinos. And we put together a nice, little slideshow to walk you through making them yourself . . . You're welcome.

--Becky and Alissa

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coffee Shop Review: The Nervous Dog (Akron, Ohio)

Since I went home this weekend, I thought it would be fitting to review a coffee shop my friends and I frequent often in Akron - The Nervous Dog.

Located at 1530 West Market Street in Akron, the 'Dog' (as we sometimes refer to it as) is situated right outside of downtown Akron - the perfect meeting place for most of us (most meaning everyone but me who doesn't actually live in Akron). It's also right by Highland Square, which is a pretty artsy neighborhood outside downtown. What I'm trying to say is, it's a great neighborhood and a great neighborhood coffee shop.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coffee Pods?

My parents made an investment last year in one of those new coffee makers that make one cup at a time. Now being a coffee purest, I was pretty against the idea but complied for the sheer reason I got their old coffee pot (you know, a normal one).
But over the last year the contraption has really grown on me.
For those people who like their coffee quick and strong this type of coffee maker is for you.
There are also a variety of different flavors to choose from. (And even some non-coffee options like tea and hot chocolate, but clearly this isn't the platform discuss such things.)
The real draw back of the machine is the price of the pods, costing anywhere from $1 to $4 a CUP!!
That's too rich for my blood. So I guess it will just be something I enjoy when I visit my parents.

But for those who can afford the convenience and coffee strength, check it out:


Friday, October 8, 2010

World's Best Coffee

Every morning, we like to think that the coffee we make will reach this status.

What a good day!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Make-at-Home Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

We found another cure for those dreary days when getting out of bed seems impossible, or you need that midday pick-me-up: chocolate covered coffee beans. Not only are they quick and easy to make, they taste delicious and give you a little extra boost. And we're all about that.

So let's get started . . .

First, you have to create a double boiler on your stovetop. We used a pot filled with water and placed a bowl on top. Once you have that set up, pour some chocolate chips into the bowl or top part of your boiler. You can use as many chocolate chips as you'd like, but we found out it doesn't take too many.

Monday, October 4, 2010

"I thought you might like some coffee . . ."

We absolutely love when coffee enters other areas of our lives, especially pop culture. What would 'Friends' be without the Central Perk?

Coffee also led to a funny scene in the movie 'Airplane,' and we posted it below for your enjoyment. It's 25 seconds of adorable and hilarious all rolled into one . . .


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cleaning Your Coffee Pot

New coffee makerImage by scriptingnews via Flickr

We’re pretty enthusiastic about coffee, especially about making good coffee. The first step to a good cup of java is a “well-oiled” coffee machine.
When you make multiple cups a day, you can really take a toll on your coffee maker.
So we advise a monthly cleaning. You’ll be really surprised to see what a nice cleaning will wash away and how much better your coffee will taste.

What you’ll need: water, vinegar and the shear ambition to make the best cup of coffee.

Step 1: Pour the vinegar into the water reservoir of your coffee pot. You want to fill it at least half way full with the vinegar and then fill it the rest of the way with cold water.
Step 2: Remove the filter basket, rinse it and wipe it out with a paper towel. Then put a filter in the basket and place it back in the coffee maker.
Step 3: Run the coffee maker as usual, then turn it off and let it sit for about ten minutes.
Step 4: Empty the used vinegar and then repeat the cleaning process one more time with a new filter, fresh vinegar and cold water.
Step 5: After letting it sit for another ten minutes, fill the coffee maker with plain water and run it again.
Repeat the cycle with cold water until vinegar taste/smell is gone.

After your coffee pot has been successfully cleaned. Make yourself a cup of joe. We guarantee it will taste GREAT!

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