Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Coffee in BG?

This past weekend was parents' weekend, and my parents and I hit up Kermit's on South Main Street for breakfast Sunday morning. We love Kermit's - they have great food and great service - but here are two things we forgot about Kermit's . . .

1.They're cash only.
2. Their advertised 'best coffee in BG' is not, in our opinion, the best cup of joe in town.

My dad remedied the first problem by running next door to the ATM, but the second problem was one we could not avoid - because we had already ordered coffee before I remembered this and also because we were craving that morning kick to get us going.

My dad and I agreed it isn't the best cup of coffee in Bowling Green, and we also agreed on where that cup of coffee can be found - Grounds for Thought, the one place my dad wanted to go to, and one of the places we didn't get to.

Grounds for Thought (located on South Main Street as well) is a coffee shop and roasts their own beans, too. (Are you noticing a trend in my favorite coffee shops?) My dad and I not only love their coffee, but we also love that Grounds doubles as a used bookstore (there are few things my dad loves more than coffee and used books - by a few, I mean probably just my mom, my sister and I).

The atmosphere is everything you would want from a college town coffee shop - it's medium-sized, cozy, with records and books everywhere. It's the perfect study place, and one of my personal favorites.

I love their hot chocolates, I love their specialty lattes, I love their doughnuts and I have recently discovered I love their sandwiches - yep, they serve lunch, too. Oh, and did I mention the ice cream?

If you ever find yourself in Bowling Green, this is a must-visit. I promise you won't leave disappointed.

-- Alissa

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