Friday, October 22, 2010

Coffee Cup Art

You know how much we love design. And clearly, you know how much we love coffee (hopefully). So it should be pretty obvious why we thought this to-go coffee cup was adorable and something we want to have. We can't resist combining good design and good coffee, it makes every day better (even Mondays).

I went to visit my little sister at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA for a couple of days over fall break and that's where I found this adorable to-go cup in her dining hall. It was a good thing she suggested I grab some coffee before I left to head home, and a good thing that I thought to listen to her for once. When I got home though and went to take a picture of the cup, I discovered it didn't just have one quote on it . . .

What an adorable and refreshing way to start your day! Ever since I made the drive from Erie back to Akron, I've been thinking about how I can get them in my day-to-day life . . .

I'm thinking about seeing if Bowling Green could switch to these pick-me-up cups in their dining halls - I would definitely stop to get coffee on campus if they came in those. Or perhaps I'll just purchase them for me and my roommates to keep in our cupboards. I would almost wake up early to make them all coffee and put them in these cups . . . almost.

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