Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome Coffee Lovers

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Imagine your perfect cup of coffee. Its warmth … its flavor … its aroma.
Now imagine the blog form of that cup of coffee — welcome to our coffee blog.
We’re the Stovetop Baristas and we’re here to take our love for coffee to the Web.
We’re currently located in Bowling Green, Ohio, where we’re running our victory lap as seniors at Bowling Green State University.
As college students we know the power of caffeine and the necessity of a good cup of joe.
So at the heart of this blog you’ll find that we’re just two coffee lovers who want to experiment with what makes coffee so great and what kills our buzz. We want to learn it all. Like how to brew it, cook with it, decorate it, where it comes from and everything in between.
Coffee is our indomitable passion and we want to share it with you.

We like our coffee like we like our men— dark and hot.
No bells, no whistles just a cup of joe. You won’t see any triple venti, two-pump vanilla, soy, extra foam, caramel macchiatos here. We love coffee just how it is and want to chat to you about it.
So grab your favorite coffee mug and stay tuned.

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