Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grab a mug, save a tree!

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Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of coffee making, we thought we should start with the vessel.
While the coffee you put in your mug is very important, the Stovetop Baristas are as environmentally conscious as we are caffeine addicted. (You have to be when you’re drinking more than two cups of coffee a day). 
An investment in a reusable coffee mug will not only allow you to take your brewed beverages on the road but it will save some trees.
The U.S. on average uses about 16 million paper cups a year. Coffee’s biggest conglomerate Starbucks started a “green” coffee movement when in 2006 they found that their corporation was contributing to 2.3 billion of those cups. 
Visit the Starbucks action website:
There you can make a pledge to commit to the use of reusable mugs. If you’re still not sold on the notion, you can find out what your impact on the environment is by grabbing that cup of java in a paper cup.
If the Stovetop Baristas didn’t use reusable mugs we would contribute to the death 28 trees over the next 50 years. That’s not cool beans.

Some coffee shops are even making their cups more eco-friendly. Check out the mugs here at some of the UK coffee shops.
 The article reads
"When I asked the five major chains about their recycling policies, Eat wouldn't give any information. Starbucks said: "We're aiming to make our cups recyclable by 2015." Its salad containers are biodegradable and its sandwich containers, being a sandwich themselves of paper and film, are only recyclable once they're ripped apart. You don't see many people doing that."
So hop of the bandwagon, reusable mugs are all the rage and you can find them just about anywhere. 

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