Sunday, November 14, 2010

Like Coffee? Try some tea.

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Putting tea on our blog may be a mistake. 
We love coffee and thinking about drinking tea seems like cheating on the boyfriend you've been dating since high school. Some will say "go out with different guys, see what else is out there." But we know what is out there, and we are passionately in love with what we have. 
The purpose of this post is two-fold: to give our non-coffee drinking readers a taste goodness and to give some options if your current coffee relationship is on the rocks. 
Sometimes it only takes one date with a new cup and you remember why you liked the old one. 

Here are comparable coffees to tea. 
Thank you I Need Coffee!

Espresso - Imperial Gunpowder: tightly rolled full-potency green tea leaves explode with a complex flavor spectrum.Lapsang Souchong - a smoky tea that has a wonderful leather smell.

Kenyan, Zimbabwe, Ethiopian -Earl Grey:  a rich body (usually a Darjeeling base) with a penetrating taste and oil of bergamot.

Guatemalan, Sulawesi- Keemun (fancy or Lion Mountain): a deep, mellow black China tea.

Tanzania Peaberry, Ethiopian Sidamo- Assam (Goldentip, or extra fancy): a full-bodied malty tea.

Puerto Rican Yauco Selecto, Papua New Guinea- Formosa Oolong: pleasant smooth aftertaste
China Gui Hua -black tea with pieces of dried kwei flowers.

Sumatran- Jasmine blossom (fancy or Yin Hao) - Green tea: with a floral scent and a pleasant aftertaste, Ti Kwan Yin - a fruity, oolong tea.

Brazilian, Kona- China Rose Petal: black tea with dried roses added.

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