Friday, December 3, 2010

Make-at-Home: Roast Your Own Coffee Beans

I consider my dad to be somewhat of an expert on coffee. He roasts his own beans and keeps a notebook of the different roasts and the roasting times - it almost strikes me as an art form. So, when it came time for the Stovetop Baristas to do a video post I thought, who better to help me out?

While I was home over Thanksgiving break I asked my dad if we could do a how-to video with him on roasting coffee beans. He agreed, but then he had an idea - why not do a video on roasting coffee beans in a hot air popper? Because, after all, we are the Stovetop Baristas and we're all about creating coffee without the fancy machines. Great call, Dad. So here is our video on roasting coffee beans in a hot air popper!

(As a note, when roasting coffee beans don't forget you have to start with the green, unroasted beans! You can order them online or check a coffee store near you.)

Just in case anyone was wondering, the coffee beans turned out great. I had some lovely  homemade coffee in my apartment a couple days later! Special thanks to where I found the basic instructions!

-- Alissa and Becky

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