Sunday, December 5, 2010

Coffee and . . . the iPad?

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While browsing the latest coffee news I came across an interesting new release to the coffee world - a coffee iPad application. The Intelligentsia Coffee iPad (or iPhone, whichever you prefer) application allows users to learn new coffee brewing methods, it provides a brewing timer, it details different coffee grinds and blends and also gives updates on all the latest from the Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea Company - just to name a few of its capabilities.

Now, I'm not that up on the cutting edge of technology - meaning that I am not an owner of an iPad. Or an iPhone. But this app looks pretty sweet for those of you who do have one of those fancy Apple gadgets. I would love to have a little personal coffee guide helping me with brewing and blending. And just think of all the things the Stovetop Baristas could explore with such a guide . . .

For now though, we're going to have to stick to our non-Apple resources. And you can, too - here's a short list of our favorite coffee guides:

1. Plaid Creative's "The Perfect Pour: A Citizen's Guide"

This well-designed coffee guide was one of our very first posts, and we're sticking by it. It's a lovely way to know your stuff when it comes to coffee, and super quick and easy. Plus, it's so much fun to look at (awesome job, Plaid Creative!). Print this one out and stick it in your pocket. Your friends will be impressed by your knowledge.

2. "I Love Coffee! Over 100 Easy and Delicious Coffee Drinks" by Susan Zimmer

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We LOVE this book. It has been our bible this entire time, and now that it's time to return it to the library we're contemplating purchasing it. It is so user-friendly, but even more than that it's completely Stovetop Barista-friendly! Susan Zimmer is a girl after our own heart and we love her how-to-do-this-without-a-fancy-machine attitude. If you would like to purchase this great guide (which we HIGHLY recommend - what a great Christmas gift!), you can find it on Amazon right here or you can also find ordering information on her website right here.

3. "The Visual Miscellaneum" by David McCandless coffee guide

Becky discovered this little gem in "The Visual Miscellaneum," (check out the blog here) a book filled to the brim with cool infographics - clearly the coffee one stood out to her. Another simple, easy-to-read guide to creating the perfect cup of coffee. And once again, designed brilliantly. We love it, and we recommend you also print this one out to keep handy in your kitchen or in your pocket.


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